Amber - Playmat (Wholesale)

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GamerMats has teamed up with the Nitpicking Nerds to offer you three exclusive mats, available only from May 6th to June 6th! On this playmat we have the Amber lording down on us as Queen Meowchesa.


Crafted with your favorite card games in mind, all our mats feature a smooth cloth top and a sturdy rubber bottom, ensuring your cards glide effortlessly while keeping the mat firmly in place. Additionally, our premium stitching not only enhances the visuals but also boosts the mat's durability.

Premium playmat materials with Black Stitched Edging measures: 24" x 14" x 1/8" thick.

  • Smooth cloth top with rubber bottom for traction 
  • Protects cards and sleeve 
  • Vibrant Colors 
  • Machine Washable