15 x Premium Black Stitched Playmats (14"x24") - Bloomburrow Prerelease

Sale price$169.99

Prereleases are special, so why not make your store's event stand out?

We offer heavy-weight, fully imaged, black stitched playmats which can optionally include your store's name/logo and Prerelease information for NO ADDITIONAL FEE! A great marketing tool, this beautiful mat will be treasured by your customers.


  • Set of 15 premium black stitched TCG playmats (sized 14"x24") .

  • To receive your Bloomburrow kits before the Prerelease please order by Friday, June 28th. Any orders placed after that date is not not arrive in time for the Prerelease.
  • If you purchase additional items, your order may be split to ensure that your prerelease items arrive in time for the prerelease.

Logo Options: Prerelease Date Only - Black Stitched

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